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Musée D’Art Moderne De La Ville De Paris: Keith Haring



The Keith Haring exhibit was very abstract. At first it was like walking into an exhibit that a child had put together only there was an adult message. After a while his style kind of became increasingly uncomfortable to me. It was hard for me to accept the messages through a very opposite style. After walking into the middle of the exhibit, it became a little more appealing. Once I finally got to see who he really was, his work became clearer to me, and I found it more appealing. I particularly loved his advertisement posters he created. The posters abut news events and Reagan. I really got a kick out of the framed Polaroid’s of him, and the photo of Andy Warhol. While I was looking at those photos, I felt as if I was being transported back into time while the music was playing. I particularly felt very drawn towards the photo of Andy Warhol. Mainly because there has been so much publicity about him, and you’ve seen his work advertised all over the world. Keith’s advertisement and political posters were very well done. You can tell that he collected headlines of newspapers and cut out words to fit accordingly. I think his street art style is very nifty, but I wouldn’t necessarily pay to just see that. He had some very interesting sculptures that were lit up under a black light. Those especially the Andy Warhol portrait, stuck out to me. The portrait was very quirky and I loved the spiraling eyes, which portrayed the sort of crazed weird maze like self of Andy Warhol. The entire exhibit was very well set up. I’m thankful there wasn’t a lot of work shoved into just one exhibit. Instead, it was set up in separate rooms of different sizes. The main thing I truly didn’t understand was why a lot of parents had brought their kids to the exhibit. There was an exceeding amount of phallic imagery etc. However since the work was so abstract, one can only hope that the little children did not understand any of it. The exhibit was certainly powerful and at times an off putting one. When it all comes down to it, I think that his work is perfect for street art. His style couldn’t be anymore unique, and I feel that (just a thought) That if he were still alive to this day… he could easily compete with Banksy. 


— 12 months ago

Real Versus Fake Final Project 

— 1 year ago